LG Pay could maybe use your face to send mobile payments

The move from LG is made to counter some features which are introduced inn Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

But if the report is accurate, it seems LG is doing all it can to add extra functionality to the G6, with Apple also said to be considering facial recognition tech for the iPhone 8. Among the security features, Samsung announced that the handset will come with a facial-recognition feature that will allow you to aim the front-facing camera at your face to access the device.

A new report from The Investor claims LG will update its latest handset in June to add a 3D facial recognition feature.

The LG G6 is the latest flagship device from the South Korean company.

So far, the only biometric authentication found on the LG G6 is a fingerprint scanner. The Investor reveals that the Korean manufacturer has secured a partnership with Oez - a local company which develops facial recognition software. So Samsung will remain on the top with some unique features in Galaxy S8.

The facial recognition's reported June launch has apparently been scheduled to coincide with the launch of LG Pay - the company's mobile payments service.

But, LG is now working on perfecting the technology and making it totally secure. This development holds a significance because the report suggests that the G6 is not the only smartphone compatible with the OezFR platform. It will be delivered with a software update and take up as little as 3.5 MB to 5 MB on the smartphone.

With a 3D facial recognition feature, using the accompanying LG Pay would get even better as LG G6 users won't even have to touch the phone. But, the important question here is - what prompted LG to sign up a third-party software developer to bring facial recognition technology to the G6?

  • Arturo Norris