Last "Cocaine Cowboy" Caught After 26 Years on Run

The brother of the infamous Cocaine Cowboy Augusto Falcon was arrested in Florida Wednesday after spending 26 years evading an indictment that accused him of smuggling cocaine into the U.S.

He had been rumored to be living in Cuba, but he was arrested Wednesday afternoon outside of Kissimmee in a joint operation involving U.S. Marshals from Miami and Orlando. He said marshals had thought Falcon was hiding in Mexico or Colombia.

Authorities said he was using a fake drivers license dating back to 1997, with a Miami address.

The marshals caught a break in 2013 when Gustavo Falcon got into a vehicle accident in the Orlando area and used his fake ID with the Miami address.

Gustavo Falcon. Photo via the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

He explained that back in 2013 they caught a break when Falcon was involved in a auto accident, and he used his fake identification with the Miami address.

He is set to make his first court appearance on Thursday in federal court. "We pulled his driver's license and it was the same Gustavo Falcon".

Augusto Falcon and his brother, called the Cocaine Cowboys, were charged with smuggling 70 tons of cocaine into the United States.

Gustavo did not resist during the arrest and even confessed to his real identity, officials said.

Falcon was charged in 1991 with smuggling roughly 75 tons of cocaine into the USA over a 13-year period.

Investigation on Falcon began in 2013 when he got into a auto crash in Miami using fake identification.

He was last seen in South Florida in 1991.

"Willie" Falcon and his partner, Salvador "Sal" Magluta, were recognized as kingpins among the legendary Cocaine Cowboys who turned South Florida into a violent hub of drug trafficking in the 1980s. The pair used speed boats to smuggle the drugs from Colombia to the Caribbean and then off to Miami. He was initially sentenced to 205 years in prison, but it was reduced to 195 years in 2006. Willie Falcon struck a plea deal on similar charges in 2003 and received a 20-year term; he is scheduled to be released in June.

  • Leroy Wright