Gran Turismo Sport closed beta announced for PAL users

However, in the same announcement, they announced that Porsche will makes its debut in Gram Turismo Sport. No exact information is known about which cars or even how many total will appear in the upcoming game.

It was also revealed that Porsche will be added for the first time in the series.

Some exceptions have been made in the past, as Porsches have featured in Microsoft-developed games including Forza and Project Gotham Racing.

Or, in the case of Gran Turismo, settle for RUF versions, which slipped through the net by virtue of RUF being a manufacturer in its own right. A new screenshot shows that the game will have the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

The long-running agreement between EA and sports vehicle manufacturer Porsche seemed to come to an end late past year.

European Gran Turismo fans will get a chance to try out Sport's closed beta this weekend. We held our collective breaths and Polyphony did not disappoint - Gran Turismo Sport will feature the legendary German sports auto make on its roster.

What Porsches would you like to drive most in GT Sport? No such loophole will be deemed necessary though going forward.

  • Carolyn Briggs