Google starts hyperlocal services with its Areo app in Mumbai and Bangalore

In April previous year, Facebook had launched a local services site in India. The app basically aggregates all the different service providers in your locality under one roof. For instance, food delivery is provided by Holachef in certain areas, repairing work is being provided by Zimmber and other services such as cleaning and fitness are being provided by Urbanclap. There are a cohort of services now available on the app but Google is adding even more as we're talking. It also lets users order from quick service restaurants and food services such as Faasoos, Box8 and Freshmenu.

To begin with, Google Areo is now only offering services in parts of Bengaluru and Delhi at the time of launch.

Areo's services are now only being extended to the residents of Mumbai and Bengaluru but the app is expected to debut in other regions of India if this pilot program proves to be successful. However, this home services app will be rolled out across the country within no time. Once you checkout the payment process, the delivery of all the services under an order will take place as it usually does. Google is planning to add some more services to the Areo app which will be quite useful for the users. As of today, however, only a handful of such services are listed on the app. However, the search engine giant would surely need to bump up the services integration and also spread out the service soon to a lot more areas.

  • Arturo Norris