Estes takes 4th Congressional District seat

But there's a difference between running television advertisements from national Democrats and using the race as an opportunity to build the Kansas Democratic Party. "He has 52 percent of the vote to Democrat James Thompson's 47 percent with 519 of 620 precincts counted", the Wichita Eagle reported at 9:43 pm central time. Libertarian Chris Rockhold was also on the ballot and drew less than 2 percent of the vote.

After Tuesday night's special election, a Republican will continue to represent the people in Kansas's Fourth Congressional District.

Other nationally known Republicans pitched in over the final days of the race. Sen. Thompson portrayed Estes, the state's treasurer, as a close Brownback ally even though the governor never publicly endorsed Estes. If Democrats can seriously compete in this Kansas district, they can seriously compete nearly anywhere.

Some Democrats are smelling blood in the water, Mr. Rackaway said.

Pompeo won the district by more than 30 points in the 2016 election. But on the morning after the election, it appears the president was savoring the unimpressive victory. Last week a poll from the National Republican Congressional Committee, which oversees the GOP's House campaigns, showed Estes ahead by single digits.

It's still a year and a half away, but right now Republicans can barely hang onto a district that Trump won by almost 27 points. Just days before the election, his campaign spokesman said they received financial support from more than 8,500 people. James Thompson turned out to be the picture ideal Democrat candidate. "It's a referendum on the failed Republican leadership in the state". But "now that the race is being nationalized, and the involvement of a national party committee can't be used against him, we don't want Thompson to go unprotected", the official told HuffPost. "They saw this seat as one that was safe for them". Kansas 4th District congressional candidate Ron Estes, right, and Sen.

Victoria Snitsar, a student at the University of Kansas who lives in Lawrence, supported Estes' message of fiscal conservatism and knocked on doors for him in Wichita during the campaign.

Fearing potential fallout, Republicans injected last-minute money to help Estes while Trump and Vice President Mike Pence recorded get-out-the-vote phone calls on the candidate's behalf. "And, you know, an terrible lot of them are a part of the millennial generation that's sort of infuriated by, astonished by, and frankly, kind of entertained by President Donald Trump".

Mr. Brownback's associates also dismissed the idea that the governor was a drag on Mr. Estes.

Thompson tapped into voter frustration after Brownback made Kansas a laboratory for sweeping tax cuts that left the state short of revenue and facing a budget crisis.

Back home in Kansas, it's easy to make the argument that investing in a Democratic campaign is an act of futility. "For a politician to climb into a swamp and look as uncomfortable as possible was a gift for us to be able to use it on mail", he said.

Thompson's only win Tuesday came in Sedgwick County, the most populous of the 17 counties in the Congressional District. "I do think that is significant". "And I need your vote for Ron Estes on Tuesday". "He showed up to the debates", she said. Brownback, one of the least popular governors in the United States, may have been more effective for Democrats in this race than anything Trump has said or done so far in his administration.

"Trump needs all the support he can get", Ms. Harris said outside the Machinists Union hall in Wichita.

  • Joanne Flowers