Charging Bull v Fearless Girl: iconic New York statues at loggerheads

Siegel said his team was seeking unspecified monetary damages for Di Modica and was seeking for the city to move "Fearless Girl" to another location. New York Mayor Bill De Blasio extended the city permit for the figure by nearly a year in response to public support, saying at the time that the girl signified "standing up to fear, standing up to power, being able to find in yourself strength to do what's right". Siegel says it's clear from the way the Fearless Girl is positioned that it purposefully uses the bull as a companion piece.

The statue of the ponytailed girl starring defiantly at the bronze bull - a fixture of Wall Street and revered symbol of financial resilience -was placed on Bowling Green on the eve of International Day to spark a conversation about the dearth of female leadership in finance. The "Fearless Girl", as the Washington Post described it, now makes the bull seem "menacing and aggressive" because she is standing him down.

Di Modica installed the "Charging Bull" in 1987 without a permit in the middle of the night.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said on March 27 that the sculpture would remain on Department of Transportation property as part of a municipal art program until February 2018.

Siegel clarified that Di Modica is not trying to criticize "Fearless Girl" as a newly appointed symbol for women's rights and power.

"We wouldn't move the Charging Bull statue if it offended someone", de Blasio tweeted Friday. Siegel said they were hoping the parties involved could "amicably resolve" any issues, but they would not rule out filing a lawsuit if necessary.

This bold presence received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the public, which caused Mayor Bill de Blasio to extend Fearless Girl's city permit for almost one year.

And still others avoided the sexism debate but said Di Modica had no case.

Specifically, from the man who created her arch enemy, the Bull, who is accusing NYC of violating his legal rights by allowing the Fearless Girl to be installed without his permission. Arturo says the placement of Fearless Girl exploits the animal, undermining its integrity.

The Fearless Girl statue as a counterpoint has proven immensely popular with tourists as well as typically difficult-to-please New Yorkers. Not only does it shamelessly pander to every clueless joe who only became a woke feminist after having a daughter, it is really rude to make "Charging Bull" look like it's attacking a defenseless minor without first getting "Charging Bull's" consent.

The Associated Press reports the sculptor will have a Wednesday, April 12 news conference to explain what he's challenging officials on.

State Street spokeswoman Anne McNally said the firm is reviewing the letter.

  • Zachary Reyes