AZ child playing in barbershop almost shot; suspect arrested

A little girl narrowly escaped getting shot when gunfire shattered the window of a strip mall's barbershop.

Police said nobody was hit by bullets.

As the vehicle began to drive away, Hart allegedly fired at least three rounds from a firearm in the direction of the tattoo parlor.

A 4-year-old girl was watching TV in a barber shop when she nearly was hit by gunfire, police said.

Hart was asked to leave and come back at another time, Tyler wrote.

Video from a security camera inside the shop shows the child hanging around near the front windows. People inside the tattoo shop heard three shots.

She sat for a moment, before two bullets smashed through the glass behind her, causing her to duck and run in terror. She told cops that Hart admitted to being in a shooting and that he'd "popped off" some rounds.

Photos were shown to a witness who identified Rafael Santos, 21, as one of the men who was with Hart, police said.

Police said: "After leaving the tattoo parlor, Hart, Santos, and the unidentified male entered a vehicle".

Hart was arrested Monday. Instead of hitting the tattoo shop, they struck the Paisanos Barber Shop next door. He was arrested for investigation of discharging a firearm at a non-residence and faces one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of endangerment of a minor, according to a court record. Police said in a booking sheet that a gun was found in the room that Hart had been staying in.

  • Larry Hoffman