Another shot at Medicaid expansion in Florida, but same result

"Most whites have an unfavorable opinion of the ACA, but most blacks and most residents of other races have a favorable opinion of the law".

Well, you can imagine the conniptions on Capitol Hill when it was realized that the political class wasn't exempt from such bad health coverage. This means that the NYHA would be funded by taxation on taxable income from employment, capital gains, interest, and dividends. These proposals are also created to take resources from working and poor families in order to hand ever more wealth to corporations and the rich. But many large employers pay their employees' claims directly rather than buy insurance, and they're generally not subject to state insurance rules. They didn't get a vote on the bill before heading home for congressional recess, but we can be sure that gutting health care is still on their minds, and still a top priority.

But I believe health care is a basic human right.

State Rep. Matt Manweller, a Republican from Ellensburg, is no fan of requiring people to have health insurance.

S&P Global is bullish on the Affordable Care Act market for Blues plans, if the ACA is left alone to mature. "At the time it was known as RomneyCare and had always been touted by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank", Robbins says. In previous years, the healthcare issues that were discussed centered on problems with the ACA. The government pays about three-quarters of the cost of the premium, and workers pay the rest.

Both scenarios place Americans who need health care in the middle of an ideological war that jeopardizes their care.

In the months to come, I'll use this platform to look more closely at what each of these means, and explore the consequences of what not having affordable health care could mean for everyone, including rural hospitals and those who work inside the hospital. The authors asserted that "only replacement of free trade by systematic social planning could hope to achieve a health care system that allocates resources and distributes services both efficiently and equitably".

The burning platform that is consuming health care is not made of venal insurance executives, uncaring doctors, or gouging pharmaceutical companies. Under the New York Health Act, every healthcare provider can participate in the program and there will be no specified networks. The family was crushed by medical bills, spending more than half of the income from their family business on premiums, co-insurances and other medical expenses. The ACA also eliminated government subsidies given to members of congress and their staffs to purchase health insurance.

The NYHA would replace private insurance company coverage for all NY state residents.

Halting cost-sharing reduction payments that help lower out-of-pocket costs for more than 6 million people with ACA marketplace plans. In a 2-tier system, people who can pay more often have access to better resources and those who can't pay more don't. And that doesn't account for how much employees pay.

Robbins, the executive director of PHNP's NY metro chapter, emphasizes that the NYHA would have an equalizing impact.

While even a majority of Republicans (51 percent), and most Democrats (91 percent) and independents (73 percent) support the expansion of the health care program for the poor, which Gov. John Bel Edwards implemented a year ago after taking office, more than half of the state has an unfavorable opinion of President Barack Obama's signature health care law. She notes that, in this time of immigration uncertainty, that the NYHA would be offered to anyone who could provide proof of residency, not citizenship, in New York State.

Health care is standing on a burning platform.

Then the administration said it would scrap an Obama-era plan of rejecting tax returns from individuals who decline to say whether they had health insurance.

  • Leroy Wright