Amazon looks to continue Alexa's growth with hardware & software dev kit

Imagine the wild and insane oddities that'll become a reality once this development kit gets into the right hands - that's what Amazon wants the world to do. Apple really struggles to extend the reach of their technology because, unlike Microsoft, it doesn't license its operating system.

Interested third party OEMs will have to apply for access to the Amazon Alexa 7-Mic Far-Field Development Kit, and it will be a strictly invite-only affair to start with.

As if Amazon's Alexa wasn't already the voice assistant of note in most voice-enabled products, Amazon is opening up the voice recognition tech found in the Echo to anyone that wants to use it.

To get the Amazon Alexa 7-Mic Far-Field Dev Kit a commercial device manufacturer will need to get an invitation from Amazon (by signing up on the site), but one can imagine a number of companies signing up just to check it out. The initiative is part of Amazon's Alexa Voice Services program.

The move will make it easier and less expensive for hardware makers to build Alexa into their products.

While Amazon's assistant is stuck within one app for now, it could mean that hardware makers will find a way to integrate it with software in the future.

Inside this development kit will be a set of hardware components and support software. In essence, this allows device makers to take the same seven microphone far-field array and voice processing technology found in the Amazon Echo, and integrate the "Alexa experience" into their solutions.

It will invite certain device manufacturers to participate in the offering after reviewing their applications, made on Amazon's website.

  • Arturo Norris