After earlier denial, police say they have rapper's jewelry

Police chiefs initially denied Boosie's allegations, but now the Biloxi department's Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel tells the jewellery has been found, admitting it was actually impounded, along with a stolen gun and the van itself.

Last night Boosie Badazz posted an Instagram message that included the claim Biloxi police stole a million dollars worth of jewelry.

De Back had said Tuesday that police recovered no jewelry, but he now says it was held in safekeeping.

Police say members of Boosie's crew attacked the loss prevention employee and a police officer, then fled the scene.

The MC, formerly known as Lil Boosie, was not directly involved in the bust-up, but he claims the gold jewellery taken from the van belonged to him and he vowed to "fight" for its return.

Five members of the rapper's entourage were arrested for allegedly assaulting a security guard and a Biloxi officer outside of a Dillard's store. A van is being returned too. Three people were arrested and charged with felony assault.

Trouble began when a store security guard squirted pepper spray toward Boosie and others.

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  • Salvatore Jensen