Accuser's lawyer wants to depose Seattle mayor on May 2

Murray, a Democrat elected mayor in 2013, has flatly denied the allegations and said in a news conference Friday he meant to stay on the job and continue his campaign for re-election this fall.

Socialist Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant is the first person on the council to publicly share a statement on the allegations after Harrell wrote no one had the intention on commenting. "This is the heart of the allegations and they're false", Sulkin told reporters at a media briefing on Tuesday night.

Sulkin said although D.H. provided other details, such as the layout of Murray's apartment and the Mayor's phone number 20 years ago, descriptions about Murray's genitalia was the crux of the accuser's case.

Also on Wednesday, the Seattle Times - the outlet that broke the news of D.H.'s lawsuit - published an editorial asking the Murray to step down; the editorial board is afraid that a vulnerable Ed Murray could open the doors for an even more progressive candidate to win election this year. Sulkin said he's "not against a fair analysis" by a third party doctor if a judge ordered it. Yesterday, I provided material evidence refuting the accusation.

"Let me be clear: These allegations dating back to more than a period of 30 years are simply not true", he said.

Murray said he would not "back down" from the accusations, and is continuing his bid for reelection.

Sawant's mention of the "court of public opinion" may be a reference to the multiple public statements made by attorneys on both sides, as well as Murray himself and his personal spokesperson. It is not a coincidence that this shakedown effort comes within weeks of the campaign filing deadline. Mayor Murray has never engaged in an inappropriate relationship with any minor.

Attorney Bob Sulkin released medical records from an examination of Murray's genitals during a press conference at his downtown Seattle office.

"As you are aware, Mr. Obviously, the Mayor's campaign should not be disseminating information to the public about these allegations without proof and/or foundation".

The Seattle Times Editorial Board has a request for Mayor Ed Murray: Drop out of the race for mayor.

The Seattle Times reports ( ) Lincoln Beauregard, who represents the man identified by the initials D.H., wants to have Murray deposed on May 2.

At his press conference Friday, Murray's response was brief. "I will continue to run for re-election, and I plan to lead this city as we work our way through the wind and rain storm of this weekend as well as the many challenges we face going forward". Instead, she has informally endorsed Nikkita Oliver, a Black Lives Matter activist who closely aligns with Sawant's politics and announced in March she would take on the mayor.

  • Zachary Reyes