Uber's PR head resigns amid tumultuous time for company

Rachel Whetstone was instrumental in developing the internal communication and formal culture of the organization.

Uber's public relations troubles received another blow on Tuesday, after CEO Travis Kalanick announced the departure of the company's head of communications.

TheNewsGuru gathers Rachel is the latest in a series of top managers to exit the $68 billion startup.

Rachel Whetstone - a close friend of David Cameron - will leave after months of turbulence at the San Francisco company. But he didn't explain why one of the company's longest-serving senior female executives was leaving.

Google's self-driving unit Waymo sued the ride-hailing company alleging Otto, which was acquired by Uber, stole their self-driving technology to further their own autonomous vehicle efforts. The company has faced a string of embarrassing and damaging scandals in recent weeks, starting with a former engineer's claim that Uber failed to intervene when her manager sexually harassed her. Social media users urged customers to #DeleteUber after the company was perceived as breaking up a taxi strike of drivers protesting President Trump's travel ban. Uber has also hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to lead an investigation into the sexism allegations. Meanwhile, an embarrassing video of Kalanick emerged showing him berating an Uber driver over fares. That includes a massive investigation into allegations of pervasive sexism at the company, as well as a troublesome lawsuit initiated by Alphabet that alleges that the company stole self-driving auto technology. So did Gary Marcus, the head of Uber's artificial-intelligence labs; Raffi Krikorian, senior director of engineering at Uber's Advanced Technologies Center; and Ed Baker, the company's vice president of product and growth. Kalanick said he's "looking forward" to having her as an adviser and going hiking with her. After two years of being part and parcel at Uber, she is quitting the transport network giant.

A man arrives at the Uber offices in Queens, New York, U.S., February 2, 2017.

The strong and brilliant woman mentioned here is Jill Hazelbaker, who has been bumped up to head of comm and policy from her previous role as SVP of global policy and communications.

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