Thousands still being donated for Charlie Gard's treatment despite judge ruling

However, Charlie's parents' legal representative argued that traveling to the USA for treatments would not have cause Charlie significant suffering or harm and could have given him another chance.

Barrister Victoria Butler-Cole, who was instructed by a guardian appointed by the judge to independently represent Charlie's interests, also said doctors should stop providing life-support treatment.

They said the couple wanted to challenge Mr Justice Francis's ruling in the Court of Appeal.

Doctors had argued that the boy, who suffers from mitochondrial disease which causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage, should be moved to a palliative care regime.

Their solicitor, Laura Hobey-Hamster said that Charlie's parents could not understand why the judge had not "at least given Charlie the chance of treatment".

The couple have launched an appeal on a GoFundMe website and have raised more than £1.2 million to pay for treatment after more than 80,000 people pledged money.

"I know this is the darkest day for Charlie's parents who have done everything they possibly could for him", he said.

One fellow Twitter user said: 'Thoughts with the parents of Charlie Gard.

They left the court building without listening to him spell out the detailed reasoning behind his ruling.

Dying Charlie Gard's heartbroken parents screamed "no" and sobbed as a judge decided his life support can be switched off to let him "die with dignity".

But the judge said experts agreed that the treatment could not reverse Charlie's brain damage.

Doctors in the United States had offered to try a procedure called nucleoside bypass therapy on Charlie.

It comes after Charlie's parents said the youngster should be sent to the U.S. for experimental treatment that could extend his life. His parents have three weeks to lodge an appeal and their legal team is now studying the ruling, the BBC reports. "But I have to say, having heard the evidence, that this case has never been about affordability, but about whether there is anything to be done for Charlie".

She said: "Connie and Chris are devastated by today's decision.

We love you! We will fight for you until the very end and we'll pray that we'll get to hold your warm hand forever".

A GoFundMe spokesman said officials would have discussions with Charlie's parents about what would happen to money raised for treatment.

  • Joanne Flowers