The Seder - Rituals of meal strengthen bonds of Jewish faith

Other Passover observers have started adding bananas to their seder plates, a connection to 3-year-old Alan Kurdi, whose lifeless body washing up on a Turkish beach in 2015 became one of the most circulated images of the Syrian refugee crisis. Celebrating the Seder also brings together Jews and Christians in a way nothing else can or ever will.

The story of the Exodus is sadly far from a unique one.

While Passover rituals vary in different parts of the world, Jews are traditionally not permitted to eat or possess any foods made with wheat, barley, rye, spelt or oats. Based on the Haggadah - the textual guide to the night - one participant is selected to preside over the seder, recounting the story of the Jewish people - from the nation's bondage in Egypt through the Holocaust - with song, food and stories.

The Bible frequently recalls the Exodus event, reminding the Jewish people to reflect on God's grace and their freedom through enacting the Passover meal.

" Charoset, a sweet mixture of chopped apples, walnuts, wine and cinnamon that stands for the mortar that the Hebrew slaves used to make bricks". Along with typical elements like hard-boiled egg and bitter herbs, many are including something new this year: pineapple.

Horseradish symbolizes the bitterness and harshness of slavery.

A vegetable appetizer, called karpas, consists of a vegetable, often celery or parsley, that is dipped into salt water and eaten after reciting a blessing. "You do that with pillows on your chairs, so you can recline and rest, you drink four cups of wine, you have a variety of foods".

After the religious ritual, most hostesses serve a dinner featuring traditional Jewish delicacies such as matzo ball soup and gefilte fish.

The symbol of the unleavened bread is central to Passover observance, Mandel said.

President Trump was officially scheduled to host the White House Passover seder last night, according to reports provided by an official within the administration.

Preparing gefilte fish requires grinding a deboned fish mixture that usually includes carp, white fish or pike, blending in matzo meal and spices and then forming individual pieces and simmering them in fish stock. "The house is full with noise, conversation, storytelling", said Orbuch.

"We have a multi course meal for everybody", explains co-owner Terry McNally, "and everybody gets a seder plate".

Joseph Levy, a freshman communications major, said he is going to try to stick to the Kosher diet during his first Passover away from home but knows it will be hard.

  • Zachary Reyes