Plea for free chicken nuggets tweet to break retweet record

A 16-year-old from Nevada who apparently really likes Wendy's chicken nuggets is closing in on the record for the most retweets ever thanks to a random idea he made a decision to act upon, reports the Guardian. To his surprise, they replied a few minutes later saying 18 million. In second place is One Direction's Louis Tomlinson with a tweet dedicated to bandmate Harry Styles that scored 2.4 million retweets, knocking Barack Obama's "four more years" tweet (more than 900,000 retweets) from second place last year. Help feed Carter with free nuggs for a year and help this Reno teen break Twitter's RT record. This reporter agrees, that only Wendy's chicken nuggets hold up to ketchup.

Though this seems like a far-fetched goal-Ellen DeGeneres now holds the record with 3.2 million for her Oscars selfie-Wilkerson went for it anyway, pleading with his followers to help him out. "I thought [it] would be amusing among my friend group. Then I put the screen shot up and it started gaining momentum".

"When folks say, 'roast me, ' we're going to have fun with that".

"My wife and I think it's great if it has a great cause other than eating chicken nuggets for a year", J Wilkerson said.

It's up to the 313 million Twitter users around the world to get Wilkerson his beloved nuggets.

"Indeed, there is plenty of attention-the hashtag "#nuggsforcarter" is taking off, classmates are posting pictures with him on Twitter, and he even gained the attention of actor Aaron Paul.

Wendy's is known for its amusing and irreverent social media presence.

And naturally, the whole thing has become the talk of Twitter.

Wendy's did not immediately respond to a Reno Gazette-Journal tweet requesting more details.

  • Salvatore Jensen