Meteor spotted streaking across skies in western U.S.

Most witnesses described the fireball as "green" and "very bright".

"Did you guys see that?" the woman repeatedly asks before covering her face with her hands in terror.

Her followers certainly did, and they weren't the only ones. "Did you guys see that?" the woman said in shock.

Behind her a massive flash of blue light streaks through the sky, just visible above her head.

This week is expected to be the worst in April for viewing meteor activity because the bright moon will obscure all but the brightest meteors, according to the American Meteor Society.

More than 250 sightings of the meteor were reported across Southern California, from Santa Barbara to San Diego, and as far east as Arizona.

Demi has watched the video of her reaction on repeat since it was posted online. "Definitely figure meteor after I watched it back a few times". "I had to get the reality in my head that it was real", she said. "It was shocking but fantastic that it was the right place at the right time to capture this".

  • Joanne Flowers