Ludacris mocks himself for CGI muscles in new music video

Ludacris has just dropped a video for his Ty Dolla $ign assisted song, "Vitamin D", and it's just what you'd expect. Not only did these CGI abs inspire the fawning from (hopefully) well-paid video girls, they also shook the Internet.

Among some of the biting comments, the digitally enhanced muscles were compared to dinner rolls and video game characters.

Still, the real problem may be that people forgot Ludacris used to do these weird body transformations in his music videos all the time.

Based on Luda's past videos, it's nothing new for him to caricature parts of his body with CGI. Yet, the rapper took the use of CGI to new levels for his latest music video. As The Fate of the Furious release date approaches, the Atlanta star celebrates with a few pretty faces in his new video for "Vitamin D".

However, it turns out that the joke is on us because Ludacris meant to make his abs look fake for the "Vitamin D" video.

So, instead of celebrating his video, Ludacris, one of the funniest rappers of an era, spent his day reminding fans he has a sense of humor.

  • Salvatore Jensen