Hospital grants dying man's wish with cigarette, wine and sunset

A 75-year-old man got bad news after being admitted to Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark last week, but his nurse did what she could to make his final hours good ones. After the ailing patient expressed his wish, nurses at the hospital started making arrangements for it. The hospital shared a photo of Hansen enjoying his dying wish on Facebook, which is admittedly a little morbid. Remembering that Carsten Flemming Hansen was hospitalized on a floor which had access to a balcony, Kvist and her colleagues rolled the hospital bed out of the ward and took Hansen to the balcony just as the sun was starting to set.

He spent the evening on the balcony with his family, a glass of white wine, a green LA cigarette and the sunset.

The hospital accommodated Hansen's needs, and rolled him out on his mattress to the balcony where he could enjoy his dying wish with a lovely sunset as a backdrop. He passed away days later on April 7.

The party reminisced about the good old times, had a couple of laughs, and enjoyed the handsome sunset over a glass of wine.

The hospital shared the image on its Facebook page, which was shared more than 4,500 times and liked nearly 70,000 times.

'It was the best thing for him.

Though smoking is prohibited in the hospital, his nurses made a decision to find a way to make it work, sending out his family to get him a pack of cigarettes, while they pulled out some wine left over from the Christmas season.

  • Joanne Flowers