Did You Know Microwaving Your Tea Is Better For You?

(We know-the horror.) That's right: Research shows that zapping your favorite tea bag and a cup of water together in the microwave is the most effective way to garner the bevy of tea's benefits, and get the best taste.

The discussion followed online outcry from United Kingdom audiences of TV drama Broadchurch last month, when actor David Tennant microwaved his cup of tea.

University of Newcastle's Dr Quan Voung is sanctioning the idea of giving up the tried-and-tested method of heating up tea by using the kettle for another way entirely.

Dr Vuong has since begun investigating the health benefits in microwaving other foods. The microwave doesn't just heat the water it helps extract the compounds too, ' Mr Vuong said in his findings.

Vuong's 2012 study was dredged up following United Kingdom outrage last month when the lead character on TV thriller "Broadchurch" was shown microwaving a cup of tea, the Sun reported.

During his experiments, Dr Vuong made a decision to take on Great Britain's greatest love, tea.

Firstly, put hot water in a cup with your teabag.

He then lets the tea sit for a minute before tasting.

It's definitely a different way of making a cuppa!

"I focus on identification, extraction and purification of bioactive compounds from various natural sources, such as medicinal plants, native flora and marine materials, as well as from the waste generated by agricultural and food production", asserted Vuong. Will you be following his advice? Polyphenols, which are antioxidants, have also been connected in studies to good health components such as lowered cardiovascular disease and lower cholesterol. A year ago he found that microwaving lemon particles released additional antioxidants, and he also discovered that microwaving macadamia skin enhanced the availability of the nut's phenolic compounds.

"The phenolic compounds could be used in functional food production in the food industry".

Dr Vuong's next project is to investigate the benefits of eucalyptus species.

  • Joanne Flowers