Chris Christie is now the least popular governor in America

Morning Consult said it surveyed more than 85,000 registered voters in the country via a weekly online national poll that started in January.

Republican John Barrasso from Wyoming was found to be the most popular GOP senator, with a 69 percent approval rating.

Staunch Trump ally Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey bottomed out the Morning Consult survey with a mere 25 percent approval rating. Of the top five most popular governors, three are Republicans in solid blue states.

The nation's most popular governor was Republican Charlie Baker of MA, with a 75% approval rating. "The continuing slide was enough to knock Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback off of his perch as the country's most unpopular governor".

In the new Morning Consult poll, Baker came in a tick higher than Maryland's Larry Hogan, who showed a 74 percent job approval rating.

The poll found that some 71 percent of Garden State voters disapproved of the job Christie is doing.

After having a rough final night of the 2017 regular session, Gov. Jim Justice may take solace in a survey released Tuesday showing that he is one of the more popular governors in the U.S. Baker had 75 percent and Hogan 73 percent. His disapproval rating is down 2 points from September, from 41 percent to 39 percent, and is down 9 points from early 2016, when 48 percent of Kentuckians disapproved of his job performance.

The Morning Consult poll showed Sununu with a 55 percent approval rating, which is in line with US Senators Maggie Hassan, who the survey showed at 53 percent, and Jeanne Shaheen, at 57 percent. Dannel P. Malloy, the number represents an improvement.

Brownback had a 66 percent disapproval rating.

"Both governors have reputations as shrewd, bipartisan dealmakers who value results over party purity, and their constituents seem to appreciate that style", the poll organizers wrote.

The most popular US senator was Vermont Independent Bernie Sanders, who also had 75% approval. The margins of error vary by state.

  • Larry Hoffman