Barstow Easter Egg Hunt and Festivities at Stringham (Pitcher) Park in Barstow

Officials say they hope to try again later to hold the event in the township near Pottstown. Three thousand candy-filled eggs will be hidden in the park. Grand prize for the older age groups will be a bicycle.

The Easter egg hunt at Kingston Township Park, hosted by Hand in Hand, began at noon. Parents can go with the children who are 2 and younger.

There were plenty of youngsters at Victoria Park last Thursday for the Hits Taranaki Easter Egg Hunt with Primo Wireless.

Students with the Builders Club and the Key Club distribute the eggs the morning of the Easter Egg hunt.

Minutes before the hunt, members of the bomb squad hid 60 eggs throughout the playground, tucking them inside the jungle gym, tire swing and other spots.

There will also be free fishing at the Trine State Recreation Area pier from 9-11 a.m. Saturday with no fishing license required.

"It's really fun when you see the looks on the little kids face when they see the Easter eggs", Hallie Cochran, eighth grader at Gering Junior High School, said.

Builders Club is a club that teaches children about volunteer work and leadership.

"We want people to understand that you don't limit them and their possibilities", she said.

  • Joanne Flowers