United CEO says upset by man dragged off plane

The video shows men wearing security uniforms pull the screaming passenger out of his seat and drag him up the plane's aisle by his arms.

One eyewitness told the Louisville Courier-Journal that the flight was overbooked, and before the flight began boarding United employees offered passengers $400 and a free hotel room in exchange for their seat.

6ABC reports that United spokesman Charlie Hobart said airline employees named four customers who had to leave the plane and that three of them did so. The fourth, a doctor, refused to get off and staff were forced to call airport police, who ripped the man out of his seat, banging his head in the process. Four crew members needed to get on the flight in order to work another one in Louisville or else that flight would be canceled, airline spokeswoman Maddie King said.

United also tweeted out a statement from company CEO Oscar Munoz on the incident on Twitter.

He apologized for having to "re-accommodate these customers" without elaborating.

A fellow passenger filmed the man near the back of the United Airlines flight, before he was removed a second time. After removing a couple from the plane, the crew confronted the male passenger, who became "very upset", according to Bridges, and insisted he needed to see patients at the hospital in the morning. In an email statement, United told Yahoo Style that the travelers could not board because their trousers "were not in compliance with dress code policy for company benefit travel".

Unsettling video of a United Airlines passenger being forcibly removed from a flight has the internet in an uproar. Jayse D. Anspach, another passenger of United Flight 3411 wrote on twitter. As the video is rolling we can see at some point that the head of the man seems to hit on one of the seats and he falls unconscious and transported out of the flight.

The video quickly made its way around the internet and social media.

A few minutes later, the man who was removed from the plane returned, looking dazed and saying he had to get home, Bridges said.

"Can't they rent a auto for the pilots?" another passenger asks in the videos.

United said it called police when the man wouldn't deplane.

After a three-hour delay, United Express Flight 3411 took off without the man aboard.

In the comments section below her Facebook post, Bridges said the man "was talking to his lawyer on the phone".

One officer involved has been placed on leave, the Chicago Aviation Department said.

"This is an upsetting event to all of us here at United", Munoz said.

The CEO of United Airlines has apologised and a USA police officer has been suspended after footage of officers dragging a 69-year-old Chinese passenger from an overbooked United flight sparked global outrage.

When asked whether it was standard procedure to physically remove passengers from a plane, the spokesperson referred the question to law enforcement authorities.

  • Zachary Reyes