Tillerson, Russia's foreign minister discuss Syria strike

He, however, backed calls for an independent inquiry into a suspected chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town in northwestern Syria on Tuesday.

United States officials say about 20 planes were destroyed in Friday's attack on the Shayrat base.

Residents cowered in bedrooms and basements throughout Saturday, underscoring the apparently unchanged threat they faced from the Syrian government's arsenal of rockets, barrel bombs and other weapons that have resulted in a majority of the conflict's half-million dead.

The US administration claimed Russian Federation bore some responsibility for the alleged chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday condemned as "flagrant USA aggression on Syria" a us missile strike on a on a Syrian air base this week and criticized Gulf Arab states for supporting it, state television reported.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), both of whom are the current leading cheerleaders in their parties for a non-interventionist foreign policy, condemned the attacks and they were both right to do so; not only is it illegal to initiate military action without the approval of congress, it is also illegal for Trump to take us to war without a declaration. Standing in a cramped conference room alongside national security adviser H.R. McMaster, Tillerson said Moscow had "failed" to live up to its obligations under a 2013 agreement to strip Syria of its chemical weapons stockpiles.

The Russian media argued United States missile strikes proved to be ineffective. "No one here can sleep properly; people are really afraid".

Ian Bremmer, president of the global risk consulting firm Eurasia Group, said Mr Trump's decision to take muscular action against Syria stood at odds with a campaign that suggested he would be reluctant to play the world's policeman.

On TV talk shows Sunday, top Trump administration officials discussed the potential for more military action against Syria, and promised to press Moscow on its commitment to reduce Syria's chemical weapons stockpile. United States opinion will be read by both moderate and armed opposition. "They are repeating offense of their predecessors", Khamenei was quoted as saying by the official IRNA news agency.

"President Bashar al-Assad should resign and leave power, for the love of Syria, allowing the dear people of Syria to avoid war and the scourge of terrorism", he said.

Rouhani also said "all terrorists in Syria are celebrating the USA attack". But a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the strikes dealt "a significant blow" to relations between Moscow and Washington.

"Why Russia has not been able to achieve that is unclear to me", Tillerson said.

In a sign of the continuing diplomatic fallout from the chemical attack and the U.S. response, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson announced Saturday that he had cancelled a planned visit to Moscow. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and other Russian officials will be asked "to fulfill the obligation it made to the worldwide community when it agreed to be the guarantor of the elimination of the chemical weapons", Tillerson told ABC's "This Week".

Developments in Syria have changed the situation fundamentally.

Syria's disarmament, which was carried out amid a chaotic civil war, has been the subject of some doubt, and there is evidence that the Islamic State group and other insurgents have acquired chemical weapons.

U.S. officials said the strike against the Shayrat airbase was meant to send a message to the regime, but new airstrikes on Saturday targeted Khan Sheikhoun, the same town hit by the chemical attack on Tuesday.

"Every time Assad has crossed the line of human decency, Russian Federation has stood beside him".

  • Zachary Reyes