Tampa avoids brunt of weather-related flight delays

- Delta Airlines was still trying to return flight schedules back to normal Saturday following a week of severe storms in the southeast. Between Friday and Saturday, almost 1,200 flights were canceled in total. Delta canceled almost 3,000 flights this week for weather related issues.

"There's a ground hold at (New York's) LaGuardia so they may pull us off this plane", Goldklang told CNN from aboard a flight, her fourth attempt to get out of Savannah Friday evening.

Delta Chief Operating Officer Gil West apologized to frustrated customers Thursday, saying the midweek storms had been "unprecedented" and tough to forecast.

Passengers across the United States who are traveling with Delta have been asked to check the status of their flights before arriving at the airport. He acknowledged that there "are still probably people who have been canceled on who are waiting for their next flight out". According to Delta, about 60 percent of Delta's 1,250 aircraft fleet cycles through Atlanta on any given day, presumably accounting for the severity of delays and cancelations. That has helped boost the airlines' profits but makes it harder to rebook passengers when flights are canceled. Goldklangs' flight finally left Savannah Friday evening for NY, 61 minutes late.

Delta was having trouble rebooking passengers because there weren't many empty seats on later flights. Delta DAL, -0.80% has a strong reputation for being on time and cancels fewer flights than its rivals.

"I'll hear about that for the rest of her life", he said.

  • Zachary Reyes