Syria missile strike was unwarranted

Trump ordered the strikes without approval from Congress.

Kaine said, "As you know I'm a strong supporter that the USA should take action to protect humanitarian causes like the ban on chemical weapons". "And so I voted for a limited strike in August of 2013 to do exactly the same thing. Obama needs Congressional approval", the businessman tweeted in 2013.

Republicans, however, who controlled Congress then as they do now, were adamant that Obama should not act without their approval, Obama aides said. "And we don't, frankly, do it for every atrocity in the world", he argued. The drafters of the Constitution said you have to put a check against an executive gone wild. "That's what they have got to do".

"Given his track record, I did not have confidence in the ill-defined mission President Obama was proposing". Humanitarian purposes. I agreed with the Republicans in the house that rebuked President Obama and said he exceeded his authority because the U.S. Was not under eminent threat.

"While the United States will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons and the missile strikes our Armed Forces conducted last night in response to this monstrosity were clearly warranted, the signal that they sent was less clear".

In a letter to Congress, Mr Trump said the USA would "take additional action, as necessary and appropriate".

In 2013, Calvert said: "After hearing from the President and receiving both classified and unclassified briefings on the proposed mission, I am unconvinced that a U.S. attack on Syria has clear and precise objectives".

"We have a new Commander-in-Chief and a Pentagon led by Defense Secretary James Mattis, who I have known for many years and for whom I have tremendous respect", he said. I think this is unconstitutional, it is illegal and that he should have come to us to ask for permission. We don't want a president, any president, to just be able to start a war or launch missiles when they want.

"In this new reality, I support the president's decisive and measured response to this tragedy and hope it will make the Syrian regime think twice before continuing to violate global law". "There has to be congressional approval".

A chemical attack, believed to have been directed by Assad, killed almost 100 people, including children, this week, according to the Associated Press.

  • Carolyn Briggs