Security officer placed on leave for dragging passenger off flight

Under Rule 25-on page 35 if you print it out-the agreement says exactly what happens if the flight is oversold.

Though he publicly apologized for the situation today, United Airlines CEO took a different tone in an internal email circulated to United Airlines employees and acquired by CNBC.

The video shows a man being dragged down the aisle of an airplane after United Airlines overbooked a flight, and witnesses say no one volunteered to give up their seat. "If they were overbooked they should have only let people on the plane that were going to be able to leave on the plane".

Passengers must get to their final destination within one hour - or carriers have to start coughing up money.

Yes. And most of the time this system of asking for volunteers works.

Other passengers on Flight 3411 are heard saying, "Please, my God", "What are you doing?" "Kill me", and "I have to go home", as blood streaked down his mouth. "The amount depends on the price of their ticket and the length of the delay".

Less than one hour means you aren't entitled to any money.

After waiting through the boarding line, you've got your carry-on stowed and your butt firmly planted in seat 27D.

One to four hours on worldwide flights gets you 200 percent the cost of your ticket up to $675.

Four hours or more on global flights gets you 400 percent the cost of your ticket up to $1350. "You've paid your ticket".

Either way, M-W's definition of "volunteer" flies in the face of United Airline's somewhat tone-deaf response to the incident.

How do airlines pick who gets involuntarily bumped? . The airline's on-time arrivals figures are generally better than the average for carriers flying into or out of SeaTac.

Southwest takes a first come, first served approach.

The flight was operated for United by Republic Airline, which United hires to fly United Express flights. People with disabilities and unaccompanied minors are generally the last to be bumped. After that, passengers with boarding passes get priority over those without.

On United flights, people with disabilities and unaccompanied minors should be the last to be kicked off, according to the company's carriage contract.

Basically, it pays to join the airlines frequent flyer program and check in for your flight early. I usually give the airlines a lot of leeway.

It happened to Delta in 2012.

ExpressJet, which operates flights under the United Express, American Eagle and Delta Connection names, had the highest rate of bumping passengers previous year.

"United overbooked and wanted four of us to volunteer to give up our seats for personnel that needed to be at work the next day". The champion of overbooking was Delta Air Lines - about 130,000 passengers on Delta agreed to give up their seats previous year.

If the passenger will arrive between one and two hours later than planned - or between one and four hours for an global flight - the airline must pay the passenger twice the amount of the one-way fare to his destination, up to $675. Most airlines, DOT notes, overbook scheduled flights to compensate for "no-shows".

Oscar Munoz wrote to staff after footage emerged of the moment the traveller was forcibly removed from the overbooked flight after refusing to give up his seat.

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