Ron Johnson: Border Wall is a 'metap

Fewer than 12,500 people were caught attempting to cross the border in March, which marks the lowest number of apprehensions at the border in 17 years.

In written testimony, Kelly said about 11,000 people traveling as families were caught trying to cross the Mexican border into the US illegally last month.

As Tuesday's deadline for bids passed, U.S. Customs and Border Protection declined to identify bidders or say how many there were, which is standard practice in government contracting.

Kelly had few details about the size and scope of the wall when he testified in front of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, saying the administration would rely on the input of those working on the border for the specifics.

Companies throwing their hat into the ring must have worked on border security within the past five years with a cost of $25 million or more. If the muddle is successful, it would mean Trump could add some border fencing and technology, and then claim victory for creating his wall without actually building the new structure he promised.

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill said lawmakers will not write a blank check for the project.

The Department of Homeland Security's original request for proposals stated that any design submitted must be able to withstand an hour-long assault by pick-axes and sledgehammers, and should be "aesthetically pleasing" along the American side.

Kelly said he has not issued a written directive outlining the policy to border agents, but has told employees that he must approve any such separations.

"The idea is to make the wall a piece of art", said Russ Baumgartner, CCI chief executive officer.

One bidder wants to cover President Donald Trump's border wall with solar panels. "This administration said we're going to address illegal immigration".

The DHS chief said that each border sector will have to submit a request regarding the length of the wall or fencing it needs, and at the same time he acknowledged that there are places where the construction can not be accomplished due to the topography or because the zones are specially administered, such as Indian reservations. According to Kelly, 1 million people come into the USA every day, and nearly half of them are subject to device searches. Sen.

"It won't last", Kelly warned, "unless we do something to secure the border".

According to the Union-Tribune, a submission from Austin, TX's Black Security Products LLC includes a four-inch space along the wall's bottom, allowing small animals to effortlessly do what actual human beings could not-cross the border unmolested. "Physical barriers do work if they're put in the right places".

Aside from this theoretical war with Mexico, the company's proposal says the wall would be lined with fiber sensors that alert authorities when someone is trying to climb it.

  • Leroy Wright