Pepsi Pulls 'Tone-Deaf' Protest Commercial

The ad was slammed for using the Black Lives Matter movement. The advertisement was widely criticized for appearing to trivialize demonstrations aimed at tackling social justice causes.

Pepsi has pulled its controversial Kendall Jenner ad after a widespread backlash in the media and social media.

However, in the commercial, instead of peacefully protesting and still being arrested, Jenner simply gave the officer a can of Pepsi, making him smile and the crowd cheers wildly.

In the ad, Jenner is depicted at a photoshoot, which she abandons when she notices a protest in the streets outside.

Yesterday Pepsi released a two-and-a-half minute ad in which woke Kendall Jenner single-handedly ended racism by handing a police officer a refreshing can of ice cold Pepsi cola. However, on Wednesday Pepsi said it was removing the ad and halting any further rollout. "Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize", it said in a statement.

Midway through, Jenner ditches her photo shoot to join them and, picks up a can of Pepsi along the way. Among those mocking the ad was Bernice King, daughter of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King, who tweeted: "If only Daddy would have known about the power of #Pepsi", with a picture of her father being pushed by a police officer. Color of Change also highlighted the similarity between the advert's imagery and a famous photograph of Black Lives Matter activist Leshia Evans, which was taken previous year at a protest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Current activists have raised an objection to the setting in general and the climax scene in particular, stating that what's portrayed is precisely opposite of their real-world experience of protesting police brutality.

  • Salvatore Jensen