Neil Gorsuch takes first of 2 oaths, prepares to join Supreme Court

Nineteen of those vacancies are at the appeals court level, where judges have an extraordinary ability to affect the contours of the law and decide which issues reach the Supreme Court.

Trump had promised on the campaign trail to nominate a pro-life judge.

I think it will clearly lead to more extreme appointments on both sides, and I think it's a bad mistake the we will regret for many, many years to come. From referring to the judge who struck down his unconstitutional travel ban as a "so-called judge" to his questioning of another judge's ability to rule because of his race, President Trump has not shown proper respect for the nation's judicial branch.

"I won't ever forget that the seat I inherit today is that of a very, very great man", Gorsuch said.

"Leader McConnell is to be commended for holding fast to historical precedent of not allowing an outgoing president to pack the Court with ideological jurists on his way out of the White House", Perkins said. "I can not tell you how honored I am to have here today my mentor, Justice Kennedy, to administer the judicial oath, a handsome oath, as he did for me 11 years ago when I became a circuit judge", Gorsuch said.

The pick appears to be sitting well with conservatives. But in recounting them, she always starts with the fact that the newest justice is assigned to cafeteria duty and keeps it until the next justice is confirmed.

After Mr Gorsuch's nomination last week, Democrats blocked his nomination with a procedural filibuster - the first time in history this has happened.

He said that the nominees go through an Federal Bureau of Investigation check and an evaluation by the American Bar Association. It's a tactic that Democrats had tried before - most recently when they attempted, unsuccessfully, to sink Bush's nomination of Samuel Alito 2006 - and a tactic, by the way, that Senate Republicans have never employed. John Roberts only voted to save Obamacare, in that one instance, so as to not make the Court look overtly partisan, causing damage to its prestige and legitimacy, and consequently, to Roberts' own personal power and legacy.

And if we can not even stand up to that irredeemable person, Trump, and his administration which proves to be simultaneously both inept and evil, then we don't deserve to be in government at all. Yet, despite all of the analysis of why they couldn't pass healthcare reform, something important, I thought, was missing.

So much for the Senate being the wise, mature and deliberative body of the U.S. Congress.

In Texas, Sen. John Cornyn and Mr. Cruz established a bipartisan panel of leading lawyers in their state to identify qualified candidates for the senators' review.

"Thank you for the very warm welcome", Gorsuch said to other members of the Supreme Court.

Sen. Cory Gardner, Colorado Republican, said they have been "proactively communicating" about Colorado's vacancy.

You might guess it was not the first time Kagan has told the story.

Mr. Levey said Mr. Trump is on schedule for picking judicial nominees.

Thursday's vote means that from now on, all nominations, including those to the Supreme Court, can be quickly approved by a majority vote in the Senate.

Then, in a nod to the complications he has run into throughout his first 80 days in office and the looming symbolic 100-day deadline for his presidency, Trump gave himself a pat on the back.

"As Catholics, we welcome the confirmation of a judge whose record adheres to the Constitutional right to free exercise of religion without government bullying and whose scholarship affirms the inherent dignity in all people", Ashley McGuire, senior fellow with The Catholic Association, said on Friday.

  • Leroy Wright