IPhone 8 Brings Huge Amounts of Money for Samsung

Samsung describes the product as a tool that will enable the smartphone users to turn their devices into a "true desktop PC experience".

What's more, the phone in the image looks a lot like the recently launched Galaxy S8+, though the Note 8 will likely share similar features such as the lack of a physical home button and smaller bezels.

According to the report, the pre orders for the Galaxy S8 smartphone are found 40% higher than the Galaxy Note 7 in the first day itself, and is based on the pre-orders the firm received from online and offline stores by the country's mobile carriers and Samsung. The South Korean giant might make the device available depending exclusively on the market's demand for it.

Samsung has revealed earlier this year that despite the massive financial hit of Galaxy Note 7, the numbers turned out to be better than expected and the reason was the growing semiconductor business.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did not last long in the market after it was pulled from the shelves due to the issues on exploding batteries, but it looks like the Galaxy make is not done with them yet. Amazon, on the other hand, mentioned that the item will be released come April 20, in time for the arrival of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones.

You can probably expect to see the same Exynos 8895 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processors used in the Galaxy S8 in the new phablet. This means that the 5.7-inch display that we've consistently been seeing on the company's Galaxy Note series might cease to exist in the future. Since the core defect on the Galaxy Note 7 was its battery, Samsung would be unable to use the old 3,500mAh batteries already in the devices for the refurbished handsets.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should arrive around September. Besides signing a two-year OLED deal with Apple, this is also great news for Samsung, considering that it's the only company with enough resources for handling extra demands later on.

  • Arturo Norris