Facebook adds group payments to Messenger, challenges Venmo

Simply tap on the plus sign in the bottom left hand corner of a group conversation to find more features, and tap the payments icon ($). The group chat will include updates on who has paid, so you can shame friends who are tardy in paying their share. This is where the other, lesser-used features like games, location-sharing, ride requests, and more are tucked away in a new, scrollable user interface that arrived alongside Facebook's debut of its Messenger assistant, M, earlier this month.

With Facebook Messenger for the web and Android devices, users can now send and receive money between groups of people, useful for splitting a restaurant bill or pooling money for a group gift.

If you're the one requesting money from a group of friends, you can either enter in the desired amount per person, or you can enter in a total, and the app will automatically divvy up the per person amount for you. Each member of that group message will receive the request, then should promptly pay you, or at least give you an excuse as to why their payment will come in late.

Facebook says Group Payments are also available on the desktop, but the company didn't detail much regarding that. A Facebook Messenger request may be coming your way. But as people are already conversing within Facebook Messenger, some may prefer to keep the entire history of record for their friendship in the app. Messenger group payments is available in the USA for now; give it a go, and let us know what you think.

Group payments is live starting today in the U.S. The feature is now available on Android and desktop, initially.

  • Arturo Norris