Ex-Mexican governor's long flight from justice ends

Three years later, the Mexican government filed its own criminal charges against Yarrington, offering a 15-million-peso (about $800,000) reward for information leading to his "whereabouts, detention or arrest".

Yarrington was a fugitive from Interpol and was arrested based on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity and money laundering, the statement revealed.

In May 2012, the U.S. Department of Justice issued two orders to confiscate properties Yarrington had allegedly acquired through a front man, or prestanombre, with resources of illicit origin.

The ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party praised the arrest, but it had taken the party four years to expel him after the allegations first surfaced. "Yarrington denies all the charges".

Yarrington was singled out as a key player in providing protection to Mexico's Gulf and Los Zetas Cartels.

USA authorities are also pursuing the former governor over allegations that he used the cash to invest in properties in America. While Yarrington is wanted in both the US and Mexico, Hernandez continues to live freely and is often seen making public appearances.

A fugitive and former Mexican governor wanted on charges of drug smuggling, bank fraud, racketeering and money laundering has been caught by police in Italy.

He has also been accused of plotting the assassination of Rodolfo Torre Cantú, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate for governor in 2010.

The PRI responded to the former governor's arrest in a statement, saying the party backed the work of the attorney-general's office and asked for all necessary investigations to be carried out. The PRI claimed to have suspended Yarrington in the past and to have formally removed him from the party in 2016.

  • Julie Sanders