Dragon Quest XI Japanese Release Date Presentation live stream

If you were a night owl last night, you may have caught the announcement of the Dragon Quest XI Japanese release date, which dropped during a livestream late last night and was supported by several new trailers from Square Enix.

Dragon Quest as a series has been running since 1986, so some of its fan base have been with it for a long, long time. Included in the "Double Pack Hero's Sword Box" are some fancy-looking fake books in which the game cases live.

Dragon Quest XI is the 11th mainline game and the first one after Dragon Quest VIII that is not an MMO and also releasing on a console.

According to Polygon, it'll be sold exclusively through a handful of local retailers and will carry a price tag of around $135.

Recall that Dragon Quest XI will be available in Japan on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS from July 29, with no confirmation regarding any future launch window in the west. A Switch version is also planned for release, but has yet to be shown or officially mentioned in press releases, previews, or on the game's official website. The 3DS version offers the classic look that we've seen in other entries released on the console, with a more cartoon look, and it also lets players to view the game as a classic 16-bit videogame. A Western release date for any platform has yet to be announced.

  • Arturo Norris