'Battlefield 1' Will Get A New Nighttime Map This June

The popular first-person shooter game is about to get some major update in the next couple of weeks. However, DICE did reveal that free maps will be coming throughout 2017.

Nivelle Nights is a brand new multiplayer map that will release for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners this summer for absolutely no charge.

DICE recently revealed the very first night map called "Nivelle Nights" for its World War 1 shooter Battlefield 1. The Nivelle Offensive was a large-scale combined British / French operation that took place in the spring of 1917. It was created on single purpose- to break and pierce through the impregnable German perimeter defense on the Aisne front.

The upcoming In The Name Of The Tsar DLC is expected to include new maps, weapons, vehicles and game modes. Meanwhile, it remains unclear whether the map would be available to all Battlefield 1 players since DICE mentions that it is now available for premium members only. However, there still no words on the exact release date.

The official first image of the Nivelle Nights map for "Battlefield 1".

Battlefield 1 will be receiving plenty of updates in the coming months though. The May update is focusing on "Quality of life" improvements created to make the game more "balanced and fair", but in June, we'll be getting a brand new map to play around on. The report says that it would be accessible to Premium Pass users.

  • Arturo Norris