Australia likely to start supplying uranium to India from this year

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Premier Malcolm Turnbull on Monday jointly inaugurated the TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre following delegation-level bilateral talks here.

The two sides signed six MoUs, including on cooperation in fighting global terrorism and on civil aviation security.

Turnbull, who arrived in the country on Sunday, also said that Australia was looking forward to exporting uranium to India as soon as possible.

The two Prime Ministers welcomed the signing of the two Implementing Arrangements between Indian Space Research Organization and Geoscience Australia on cooperation in space technology.

On his part, Turnbull said Australia was helping India in its water management policy while sharing expertise in the area of renewable energy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi focussed in the peace and stability the region stating that issues terrorism and cyber security and said that such challenges went beyond national boundaries of their regions and have to be dealt with mutual cooperation.

Australia's trade with India has doubled over the past decade to around $20 billion, Turnbull said, but added that it was a fraction of what it could and should be.

After ceremonial reception accorded to him at Rashtrapati Bhavan, Turnbull said ties between the two countries "are strong and will be stronger" because of this visit. Australia has been reluctant to grant that concession, and has been eager to gain greater access to the lucrative services sector in India. PM Modi is leading this most remarkable nation on an extraordinary journey of growth and development.

"Australian was not involved but we remain committed to our ongoing military operations in Iraq and Syria".

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will fly to India on Monday to try to capitalise on Australia's fastest-growing education market after it plunged last decade following a series of racially motivated attacks.

"The big agenda in terms of trade in the region now is R-CEP (the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) and that's I think the priority that the ASEAN countries and India and China and Australia are giving to that", Mr Turnbull said.

"Now we are working with India to secure timely conclusion of a quality Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, which would provide a significant boost to regional confidence", he said.

Turnbull is visiting India in response to Modi's invitation to the Australian President during a G-20 summit in China past year.

In this regard, the two Prime Ministers also welcomed the signing of an MoU on fighting worldwide terrorism and transnational organised crime.

External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj also called on the visiting dignitary.

The two leaders also took the Delhi metro together to visit the Akshardham temple.

  • Leroy Wright