'The Undertaker' retires from WWE after WresleMania 33 defeat

The Undertaker's "Career vs. Streak" match against Shawn Michaels, in which he defeated HBK to go 18-0 all-time at WrestleMania, is one of the great modern matches. It's worth noting that Braun vs. Reigns is now the scheduled dark main event and live event main event through Payback. Though this news is not yet confirmed, it looks like legendary wrestler has retired from the sport after his shocking defeat to Roman Reigns.

Goldberg says they can take that away from him, and cheer or boo, they still care in some way, and that means he's done something.

Taker began wrestling in 1984 and has been part of WWE since 1990. After losing a match to Roman Reigns, Undertaker took off his iconic outfit of trench coat and hat, folded them up, and laid them down in the center of the ring.

Following WrestleMania 33, there's no question regarding which superstar is the most hated in WWE.

The Undertaker during the WWE Smackdown in Sydney on June 15, 2008. He fought and physically struggled through his match with Roman Reigns, not being able to move well after taking some rough bumps in the ring and at ringside. The possible retirement of Undertaker. The WWE Universe let their voices be heard. Without a word, The Undertaker slowly disappeared with Reigns left in the ring to pay tribute to the wrestling legend. I've seen The Undertaker show no emotion when beaten up, seen him haunt people as The Lord of Darkness, throw Mick Foley off a cage, ride custom-made motorcycles into the ring, and constantly reinvent himself for 27 years.

The pro wrestling promotion even welcomed back former commentator Jim Ross to call the final match of the night, making it an extra-special affair.

The giant-like Undertaker became a household name in the wrestling fraternity in the 90s and 2000s courtesy his sheer charismatic persona, mystery and popularity with fans across the globe.

  • Julie Sanders