The Undertaker calls it a day at WWE

After 27 incredible years, the Phenom known as the Undertaker has officially retired from WWE.

Before he signaled his retirement from wrestling, The Undertaker fought Roman Reigns and lost.

He came to WrestleMania 33 with a win-loss record of 23-1, his sole loss prior to Sunday's match coming against Brock Lesner at Wrestle Mania 30.

The Deadman closed the show of Wrestlemania 33 against hated Roman Reigns. This is because many fans were booing at Roman Reigns for defeating The Undertaker the night prior. It also wouldn't be a shock if, like every other veteran of the industry WWE brings in, that he spend some time at the Peformance Center, whether it's to help groom wrestlers or potential announcers.

And in a symbolic moment, Taker left his signature cape and hat in the ring, all-but confirming his retirement.

How did you feel after seeing The Undertaker walk off the stage at WrestleMania 33 knowing that he was retiring and will no longer be a part of WWE? On the way back, he paused half way to take in all the adulation and the chants of "Thank you Undertaker" and raises his fist to call for lightning before descending into the mist.

Reigns needed five spears including one through the Spanish announce table, another with extra momentum from the ring ropes and even more Superman punches to finally defeat The Undertaker.

The 50-year-old former Universal Champion gave a heartfelt farewell to the WWE Universe in what appeared to be the end of his pro wrestling career.

Defiantly proclaiming, "This is my yard now", Reigns stormed out of the ring and headed backstage. Taker eventually hit a Tombstone Piledriver, but Reigns kicked out at two.

Goldberg comes out and talks about the huge opportunity he was given these past few months, and says they could cheer or boo him, but he worked his ass off to get here. All this seemed to signify the end of his illustrious career spanning almost three decades.

  • Salvatore Jensen