The Kushner-Bannon feud is about ideology - and Steve Bannon is losing

He's begun asking those outside the administration - including wealthy friends and longtime confidantes - whether they approve of the makeup of his staff.

Kushner's failure to disclose these meetings with Russian officials was the third time a Trump administration official had not disclosed details about meetings and conversations with Russians.

Trump's administration faced a major worldwide test this past week when the president ordered a missile strike on an air field controlled by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad after a chemical weapon attack against Syrians.

Everything is a bit up in the air right now but there are increasing reports that the infighting in the White House between two camps, those loyal to Jared Kushner and those who are closer Bannon, may end up with one clear loser.

He said: "I don't know anything about Jared Kushner, but I know about Steve Bannon".

Bannon originally served on the committee as a check against Michael Flynn before Flynn was ousted as National Security Advisor, a top White House official told NBC News.

President Donald Trump's decision to attack Syria with missile strikes was apparently executed over Bannon's strenuous objections, according to a report by New York Magazine.

The White House rubbished rumours that claimed the president would be on the verge of a staff rejig.

News broke Wednesday morning that Bannon had been removed from the National Security Council. At the heart of their disagreement is a fundamental ideological gap, with Kushner and Ivanka Trump seeking to bring a more "competence- and results-driven focus" to the White House, according to Allen.

"And Steve Bannon provides the president with advice on a broad range of issues and will continue to do so", McMaster said. In an administration where proximity often equates to power, Kushner was one of the USA officials sitting closest to Trump on Thursday as the president dined with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. Steve Bannon headed up the site before joining up with Trump, so he still has the ability to use the site against the President. He was stripped of a post on the National Security Council this week, even as Kushner waded further into his father-in-law's foreign policy affairs with a trip to Iraq and a leadership role in preparing for this week's meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. In one tweet, he warned, "If you do [attack], many very bad things will happen, and from that fight the US gets nothing!" CNN reports that it was Kushner who made that happen. Kushner is allied with a group of aides who view themselves as more moderate forces, including economic adviser Gary Cohn, the former president of the Goldman Sachs investment bank.

Trump himself - who has wielded a management style based on staff divisions and chaos - downplayed talk of a staff shakeup on Thursday.

Spicer tweeted that Vice President Mike Pence, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, were not in the room, but participated in the briefing by secure video conference.

  • Salvatore Jensen