Schneiderman Files Brief Against Ohio's Anti-Planned Parenthood Law

Recently, Vice President Pence broke a tie vote in the Senate.

A congregation of pink shirts, posters and "pussy hats" swarmed the state Capitol Wednesday in support of Planned Parenthood, protesting more than 40 anti-abortion bills in the Texas Legislature.

To their great credit, Sens. Then politicians can focus full-time on their other priorities: dismantling programs that provide food, housing, health insurance, child-care subsidies and other basic assistance to women struggling to raise those children. But that idea hasn't worked for women, especially rural women, in states that have restricted federal family planning money.

"Notably, this legislation is focused on prioritizing the allocation of available public funds, and will not reduce the level of public funding allocated for women's health services", Eichelberger said. Centers in Joplin and Springfield are affiliated with Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri.

"(We) seek to ensure the availability of safe abortion services from accessible providers within each of the states, as well as the ability of providers of such services" to speak to their patients about abortion services, the brief says.

Springer will also lay out an amendment to the proposed 2018-19 biennium House budget to remove state funding to providers, such as Planned Parenthood. The state has appealed the decision. That's a very real choice Planned Parenthood can make, but who believes that will ever happen?

Kogut had previously said that if Planned Parenthood succeeded in having the regulations removed, clinics in Columbia and Kansas City would resume providing abortions, and existing health clinics in Springfield and Joplin would offer abortions for the first time. They thought they'd perfectly laid the groundwork for success by getting Planned Parenthood defunding included in a test vote a year ago to repeal the health-care law, and by extracting a promise from President Donald Trump during his campaign that he'd sign it. Supporters say the measure protects the sanctity of life. In addition, Wisconsin's Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus provide coverage for low-income residents, and the state's Family Planning Only Services provides certain family-planning services and supplies to men and women as young as 15, "to prevent unplanned pregnancies".

However, in light of Trump's actions, how will women here and across the nation, who rely on Planned Parenthood, be affected by the president's stance on abortion? "Health care providers should not have to choose between protecting a woman's right to reproductive health care, and providing other vital public health services - yet that's exactly what the OH state law, and so many other regressive measures around the country, seek to do", New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said.

It seems that this measure is a result of the Republican party's crusade against abortion at any cost.

The measure, which allocates almost $3 million to help pay for Planned Parenthood services, was one of the 27 bills the state's General Assembly sent to him last week.

  • Leroy Wright