Samsung Galaxy S8 brings dual audio connection via Bluetooth 5

Will you be snapping up the Galaxy S8 when it goes on sale next month? The Samsung flagship was also earlier rumoured to sport an optical fingerprint scanner underneath the display which was, later on, scraped and pushed to the back of the device just beside the Camera sensor.

Samsung ran different high definition videos on the displays to bluster about what it had in store for the buyers wondering to buy the latest flagship. Both screens also take the unusual step of rounding off their corners (and sacrificing a handful of pixels in the process). The giant said through a public release, "Start spreading the news: The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have finally arrived". The "smaller" Galaxy S8 features a 5.8-inch display, while the more spacious variant, the Galaxy S8+ takes advantage of a 6.2-inch screen. We're about to enter a new era of smartphones that may drastically change the industry the same way the original iPhone did in 2007. Reviewers have noted the design makes both devices feel bigger than phones that are similar in size, with the standard bezel bordering the screen. Without further delay, these are the official accessories for the Galaxy S8 made by Samsung.

Live on stage during the event Samsung showcased some neat new accessories, and a few we've seen in the past. Both Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ feature larger than average displays.

With the S8 and two pairs of wireless headphones (or earbuds), you and a friend can listen to the same song without needing to share any physical hardware. Also in terms of battery capacity the smartphones differ from each other, the Galaxy S8 has 3.000mAh and the S8+ gets a 3.500mAh battery. It is not only curved like the Galaxy S7 Edge, but there is nearly no bezel. But there is certainly more to come.

Now we've recovered from that little scare, we can tell you the Microsoft Edition will still run Android, but will simply make it easier to access Microsoft services. Despite the many innovations brought forth by the Galaxy S8 duo, advanced battery life is not one of them. Still, both companies are doing a lot right with both these handsets, and we imagine the race between the GS8 and G6 will be a lot closer than it was past year with the GS7 and G5.

  • Carolyn Briggs