North Korea be warned: Trump Syria strike a message says Tillerson

Xi made the two-day trip to the southeastern US coastal town of Palm Beach for the first meeting with Trump, in a bid to chart the course of bilateral ties in a new era.

Kim's government has conducted five underground nuclear tests, two of them in 2016, and is working to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles that ultimately could deliver a warhead to US territory.

There was no attempt by Xi Jinping to be conciliatory in other than general terms, with the visit created to do little more than showcase domestically the respect with which the Chinese leader was treated by Trump.

The fallout from the United States missile attack on a Syrian airbase has overwhelmed the getting-to-know-you meeting between Xi Jinping and Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

He also told ABC's This Week programme: "In terms of North Korea, we've been very clear that our objective is a denuclearized Korea peninsula".

People-to-people exchanges remain a solid foundation for the China-U.S. relationship, Xi said, vowing to promote bilateral cooperation in tourism, arts, sports and health care to further enhance the public support and boost ties.

Chinese experts say Washington's options in North Korea is limited. "The summit apparently agreed to tread water". A USA missile strike in the Middle East is guaranteed to get global attention, especially given the move shows a remarkable strategic about-turn from a Trump presidency still defining itself internally as well as externally.

During the meetings, Trump highlighted the challenges caused by the Chinese government intervention in its economy and raised serious concerns about the impact of China's industrial, agricultural, technology and cyber policies on America's jobs and exports, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said.

Steel: The New York Times reported last week that Trump plans to soon sign an executive order targeting countries, notably China, that sell steel in the US market at below cost prices.

Trump has signed numerous executive actions since taking office, and many of them have launched reviews or studies.

In China, the United States president seems to have met his match. -China Strategic and Economic Dialogue.

The Trump administration fears that North Korea is on the verge of acquiring the capacity to launch nuclear warheads as far as the USA west coast.

United States industry had hoped Trump would deliver a strong message to Xi behind closed doors to end what they see as discriminatory trade policies, but not do anything rash to spark a trade war. A Beijing trip by Trump before the once-in-five-year Communist Party congress later this year would "send a signal of Xi's strength and confidence", said Taylor Fravel, an associate professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who specializes in China's global relations.

Mr Trump "has asked us to be prepared to give him a full range of options to remove that threat", Mr McMaster said.

Still, it remains to be seen how long the good feelings will last.

For Xi, the meeting appeared to exceed low expectations.

But the two sides avoided any diplomatic gaffes at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida that would have tarnished the meeting in the eyes of the protocol-conscious Chinese.

"President Xi should return home feeling happy", he said.

The investigation could result in "everything from no action at all to the levying of supplemental duties", the official said.

  • Zachary Reyes