Netanyahu: Israel committed to treating Syria war wounded, U.S. strike was 'moral'

Netanyahu expressed Israel's full support for the United States strike.

Netanyahu's reported lobbying for the buffer zone comes after President Donald Trump's surprise military strike on a Syrian airbase in response to the Bashar al-Assad regime's purported chemical attack earlier this month, the latter killing at least 86 Syrians.

Netanyahu called on the worldwide community to complete this process, saying, "This is an opportunity for US-Russian cooperation on this specific matter".

While Israel has helped thousands of wounded Syrians, its policy has been to only treat those who make it to the Golan Heights border.

The high-level security cabinet on Sunday agreed to weigh a proposal to bring Syrian children wounded in a recent chemical weapons attack to Israel for treatment.

These messages, according to the Egyptian news website Moheet, suggested Israel's desire to decrease its reliance on military attacks on Syria in exchange for reaching a silent agreement that Iran and Hezbollah do not approach the Armistice Line in the occupied Golan Heights.

Earlier in the day, at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel "fully supports" the U.S. missile attack on a Syrian airbase because it was morally the right thing to do, and because it makes clear that there is price for the use of chemical weapons.

Netanyahu has also been outspoken in supporting USA military action against the Syrian regime, following airstrikes on an airfield on Thursday.

"We are doing this because of moral reasons in light of the hard images from Idlib, and also so that it will be clear that there is a price for the use of chemical weapons", he said.

"Israel is caring for wounded Syrians as part of a humanitarian effort".

Israel has taken pains to stay out of the Syrian conflict, though it has reportedly carried out airstrikes against weapons transfers and has fired retaliatory missiles at Syrian army positions following stray fire over the border. It is unclear how many Syrian children Israel intends to take in for treatment.

Another proposal, by Interior Minister Arye Deri, that Israel would take in some 100 Syrian orphans who are now in refugee camps and grant them a resident status was not discussed during the meeting.

Israel will offer to increase humanitarian aid to the victims of the civil war in Syrian, the security cabinet decided on Sunday.

  • Leroy Wright