National Football League investigating Las Vegas arm-wrestling contest

Sports is reporting the league is investigating the NFL players who participated in the first annual "Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship" in Vegas over the weekend.

For instance, the league's policy prohibits players from appearing at casinos for any sort of promotional goal (even not relating to the casino). Although the organizers of the event say they had discussions with the NFL about staying in compliance with the league's rules on gambling, the NFL says this could be a problem for the players involved.

The Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship's website indicates the event took place from April 5-9 at the MGM Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and that it will air on CBS in May and June.

It looks like what happens in Las Vegas doesn't really stay in Vegas, after all.

According to The Sporting News, the grand prize was $100,000, only half of which was set to go to charity. He claimed that power was turned off on all gambling machines near the contest in an attempt to comply with league gambling policy and avoid trouble for players.

"Had we been asked in advance if this was acceptable, we would have indicated that it was in direct violation of the gambling policy", Joe Lockhart, the NFL's executive vice president for communications and public affairs, said via Bell.

The NFL gambling policy gives the commissioner broad license to punish violations of the policy and refers to all violations as "conduct detrimental" to the league.

The NFL is moving to Las Vegas once the Oakland Raiders wrap up the whole pesky "building a stadium" thing and head for the desert in 2020. "No one sought pre-approval", Lockhart concluded.

  • Julie Sanders