Lawyer: Fox to investigate Bill O'Reilly claims

Fox News parent Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. said on Sunday it will investigate a sexual harassment claim against TV anchor Bill O'Reilly, who has seen several companies pull their ads from his top-rated news show in the past week.

"Nobody gets to be surprised by that, because it is entirely plausible that the hill our president is willing to die on is the one formed by Bill O'Reilly's workplace erection poking up against his old-man slacks", Oliver said on Sunday's episode of HBO's "Last Week Tonight". She said she had dinner with O'Reilly, then rejected his invitation to visit his hotel room.

Last week, Trump made his comments about O'Reilly while there was an exodus of more than 20 advertisers from Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor". O'Reilly reportedly paid $13 million to settle claims of sexual harassment, although he denied any wrongdoing.

Dozens of companies have pulled their ads from his show.

Fox News has stood by O'Reilly, as it can financially withstand the impact of the advertiser defections by placing the commercials in other programs on the channel. Oliver recounted the series of events to paint Fox News as a poisonous environment for women, whose long-simmering misdeeds are finally seeing sunlight. "I do not like pain when I cath", the cowboy say in Oliver's ad. O'Reilly and The New York Times investigation On April 1 The New York Times published an in-depth investigation that "found a total of five women who have received payou". Now, at least 60 sponsors have announced they will not support "The O'Reilly Factor", according to CNN. This time, the cowboy was used as a harbinger to spread the word that, despite what the president may think, sexual harassment is in fact Bad and Wrong. It just goes to show SNL really could not care less about attacking its targets with precision - the show thinks it's enough to offer a sneer of a sketch, knowing that its cheering audience will congratulate the performers and itself, no matter how lame the material may be.

  • Salvatore Jensen