Korea: US Strike on Syria 'Unforgivable'

As if to underline the point, North Korean state media released photos of a smiling Kim inspecting a mushroom farm.

In that context, the strike against Syria may resonate more firmly in Beijing than Pyongyang.

The former senior vice foreign minister also said the US missile attack on Syria could cut both ways - it could work as a deterrent toward the North or it could push Pyongyang into a corner.

Judging by the stands in Pyongyang, North Korea also was not trying to create a friendlier atmosphere.

North Korea has continued its threat against the USA and South Korea despite several warnings from the worldwide community.

"Right now he can't reach our homeland", Robinson insisted, and while North Korea isn't believed to have the capability of firing such missiles in the first place.

But it could also backfire if Pyongyang was still convinced that Washington was not capable of fighting a war on two fronts, he added. "We continue to see a significant amount of traffic leading towards the Central American peninsula. l, Unfortunately, we only have the resources to be able to intercept about 25 percent". The move away from the doctrine was largely the result of cuts to military spending and insufficient capability to carry out two simultaneous ground wars, such as the United States did in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said that Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed at their summit in Florida last week that Pyongyang's "provocative behavior" developing nuclear weapons was unacceptable.

"Then, next month when a new (South Korean) government gets under way, North Korea is expected to try to turn the situation around into a phase of appeasement and, use its moratorium of nuclear and ballistic missile tests to find middle ground with South Korea and the United States", Cheong said.

August 3, 2016: North Korea fires two missiles, one of them landing in Japan's economic exclusion zone. Unlike Syria, North Korea has a means of striking back.

Beijing-based military expert Zhou Chenming said the U.S. was unable to start a conflict with the North considering its involvement in the Middle East and limited capabilities.

If Thursday's strike was a warning to other countries, it was one that Pyongyang, which regularly cites U.S. hostility as the driving force behind its nuclear weapons development, is quite familiar with.

U.S. officials say it appears to be a liquid-fueled, extended-range Scud missile.

The US has been pushing China to put pressure on North Korea to stop its nuclear program and missile testing, but Trump said in an interview published Sunday with the Financial Times that the US would be prepared to act alone to stop North Korea. I would say I'm going to have someone over here in two days and we are going to talk about USA interests", Hill said to Chuck Todd in an interview for the "1947: "The Meet the Press Podcast".

A third option is covert action, infiltrating USA and South Korean special forces into North Korea to sabotage or take out key infrastructure - for instance, blowing up bridges to block the movement of mobile missiles.

  • Leroy Wright