Everything we know about the upcoming Surface, the Surface Pro 5

Now, a world renowned technology reporter has got some juicy details on Surface Pro 5.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5, meantime, is expected to have all the measures to prevent these issues and bugs from appearing alongside the tablet's launch.

Microsoft Company is purportedly hard at work on the Surface Pro 5. As such, the company decided not to switch the device to USB-C type of charging, even though there are computers on the market that run both on a proprietary jack for power and on USB-C support if you own an adaptor.

Furthermore, the alleged update that Microsoft will apply from the Surface Pro 4 to the Surface Pro 5 must be viewed in the same way as Apple updates the "2015 MacBook Pro" to the "2016 MacBook Pro".

For the past several months, we have been hearing a lot about the features in Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 successor.

The latest report by Forbes claimed that the Surface Pro 5will ship with Kaby Lake, Intel's latest chip design for the desktop and the seventh generation of its Core processor family. Same is the case with Microsoft's long rumoured Surface phone.

The Surface Pen could contain a small rechargeable battery which is topped up whenever the stylus is sitting on the edge of the Surface Pro 5, held in place by a magnetic connector. It committed to making sure that all Surface Pro 3 adapters, docking stations, and covers were compatible with the Surface Pro 4 so it may very well make that commitment with the Surface Pro 5 as well.

Thurrott further says there won't be any dramatic change in the tablet.

Other reports have suggested that the device will most likely keep the 12.3in size seen it is predecessor in order to be portable, with a lightweight aluminium body protecting what's inside.

Microsoft's Surface Pro is widely regarded as among the best Windows 2-in-1 devices for the business traveller, but the company could struggle to make the Surface Pro 5 a knockout update. Nevertheless, it would be disappointing if Microsoft launches a new Surface Pro that will not impress the fans.

  • Arturo Norris