Cormier retains light heavyweight belt, retires Johnson

It took 22 years for the UFC to return to the Queen City, but when it finally made its way back, boy did it deliver. But New York hosted two big cards at Madison Square Garden and the Barclays Center in the last five months and advance ticket sales were strong for Buffalo.

Johnson announced his retirement after the fight, saying he kept it a secret to avoid distractions.

"It's like you sit there, and you take a table, and you put a bunch of kitchen appliances", Cormier said.

"I can do whatever I want". I've been doing this for so long, I've been in sports since I was 8, it's just time to move on to something different.

"He's a tough guy, punches hard", Cormier said.

Jones already holds a win over Cormier and the two fighters have engaged in one of the most bitter rivalries in the history of mixed martial arts.

His focus should be on Johnson, and that doesn't seem to be the case. At one point, long-time coach Henri Hooft yelled, "This is stupid".

Cormier arrived with less than 10 minutes to go for the weigh-in and stripped down behind a towel before stepping on the scales.

Three months from completing a yearlong doping ban, Jones said Friday he is focusing exclusively on reclaiming the light heavyweight title he's lost twice due to suspensions.

Johnson who held at record of 22-6, and just 33 years of age chose to call it quits.

But this wasn't the only surprising thing to happen at the main event. When I lost to him in January of 2015 I knew we would fight again. I would love to fight him again and beat him, but if I did not fight him, especially for things that I can not control, I would be fine.

"But I didn't want any distractions".

However, if you look at how lightly Cormier was holding the towel second time around, that probably explains it. When Mousasi did it a second time, the ref stepped in and incorrectly called the shots illegal. Why would they even stop the fight at all if it was a legal knee?

Like I previously wrote, it's been an interesting day.

The TKO win was Mousasi's fifth consecutive victory.

Johnson had won the first round on all three judges' score-cards after opting to grapple with Cormier, although those tactics ultimately resulted in his demise shortly afterwards. I knew it was just the beginning of a series of fights with him and I would have.

Maybe Daniel Cormier should be a magician when he retires from the fight game.

"He wears sweat suits". He wears sweatsuits. A guy that wears sweatsuits is pretty cool. "That's pay and cake, that's pay and cake work Jimi Manuwa". So locking me in here with him, that's a favour, that's a favour.

Jones and Jimi Manuwa were sitting cage side, both lingering as potential future challengers to the light heavyweight title. That's my opinion on that.

  • Julie Sanders