Better Call Saul season 3 premiere synopsis

"I think Breaking Bad is the bigger show and then this part is a really off-beat, interesting other way into Breaking Bad, and ultimately if it goes the way it goes in season three they are going to be really connected in such a way you could watch them nearly parallel with each other and it would be meaningful".

"I can't wait to see Jimmy and Mike together more", Odenkirk continues, "and that's happening in the third season and will happen even more as we proceed". As foretold in the internet's most storied acrostic, Gus Fring is back. Fans of stern pronouncements laced with unbelievable malice are right to cheer the return of the man who runs his methamphetamine operation with the cleanliness and efficiency of a fast-food chain. "Mike has been Mike a long time".

For two years, Better Call Saul studiously skirted anything as hefty as an appearance from Esposito. "It's where I started in show business, and it's what I feel massively comfortable with and happy with".

In the Season 3 premiere, Jimmy and Chuck's relationship deteriorates; Kim feels the pressure of running her own firm; and Mike investigates the note left on his auto.

Gus was murdered by a bomb planted by Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in the "Breaking Bad" Season 4 episode appropriately titled "Face Off". McKean is doing career-best dramatic work as Chuck, whose maniacal quest to catch his brother in the act might finally be having a greater impact on his mind than electromagnetic fields.

But a figure who looms as large as Gus does has the potential to blot out the suns of these and other supporting Better Call Saul players. It mimics the upbeat, sterile positivity of corporate training videos, except for the little winks that let you know there's more going on, like the warning that "at Los Pollos Hermanos, someone is always watching".

Banks, who play Mike Ehrmantraut, also a holdover from the previous series, spoke on his character's evolution. I can't be onscreen enough with Jonathan Banks. I think we might, I don't know, the writers will decide. Critics have called it "AMC's best show", and the quirky crime drama is sure to deliver another exciting season.

The show can be seen on AMC at 10:00 p.m., or on Netflix if you don't have a cable subscription.

  • Salvatore Jensen