Aston Martin Vanquish S Red Arrows Edition revealed

Other touches include One-77 derived steering wheel and an aviation inspired rotary toggle while the door cards feature the "Vixen Break", which is a high-G aircraft formation. The nine pilots of the Red Arrows represent a true team effort, transforming the razor-sharp reactions of fast-jet flying into spectacular displays that have thrilled crowds the world over, from the Goodwood Festival of Speed to important state occasions in the United Kingdom and overseas. The seat backs are also embroidered with the jets in a diamond formation.

"On that latter point, the auto is painted Eclat Red - but of course - the Eclat referencing the Red Arrows" motto.

Each buyer will also receive a bespoke racing helmet, racing suit, bomber jacket, auto cover, build book and a Vanquish S luggage set. Contact Aston Cambridge for more details!

The clients of the nine vehicles that will be sold will each get bespoke accessories, which range from bomber jackets, a luggage set, racing helmets, racing suits, a highly-detailed die-cast model of the auto and the Hawk aircraft, and a dedicated auto cover and Build Book. A specially designed vehicle cover and Build Book will also be issued.

The Aston Martin Vanquish S is powered by 6-litre V12 petrol engine that produces 444kW and 630Nm and is paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission with power delivered to the rear wheels. It demonstrates the possibilities of Aston's Q division. The one model that won't be sold will be gifted to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Just ten examples of the Vanquish S Red Arrows Edition will be made and only nine of these will be sold to customers. "The "aviation series" by Aston Martin Cambridge is a great example and we look forward to bringing future commissions to the United Kingdom market in the future".

Aston Cambridge has again commissioned a special edition vehicle from Aston Martin Q - the Vanquish S Red Arrows Edition.

The unusual story was picked up by Aston Martin HQ, which has apparently adopted the limited run as an officially-recognised special edition.

  • Arturo Norris