Assad is on notice after U.S. air strikes

The crimes he has committed are against his own people. are so enormous.

"The Syrian government said it had abandoned chemical weapons".

Russian Federation maintains a close political and military alliance with President Assad's government and has been accused of supporting its attacks against Syrians opposed to Assad's rule - something Moscow adamantly denies.

Iran has provided crucial military and economic assistance to Mr Assad throughout Syria's six-year civil war.

The Foreign Secretary said the U.S. had delivered "a clear and united message" from the West in last week's bombing.

The president may view the attack as a success if the use of chemical weapons stops.

Iran, which has provided crucial military and political support to Assad, meanwhile called for a fact-finding mission to determine what caused the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun.

Rouhani said, "neutral countries should come and assess to make it clear where the chemical weapons came from".

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson also had planned to visit Russian Federation this coming week, but decided yesterday to cancel the trip because of the fast moving events in Syria.

On Saturday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the U.S. missile attack on the Syrian military airfield violated global law.

Johnson condemned Russia's continued defence of Assad "even after the chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians".

He had planned to travel to Russia Monday on a trip meant to start a fresh dialogue with Moscow.

Lavrov pointed out that "an attack on a country whose government fights terrorism only plays into the hands of extremists, creates additional threats to regional and global security", the Russian ministry said.

"You pick and choose your battles and when we're looking at this, it's about changing up priorities and our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out", Haley had told reporters on March 30, just days before dozens of Syrian civilians died from chemical weapons injuries.

"While people are really anxious to find inconsistencies in those statements, they are in fact very consistent in terms of what is the ultimate political objective in Syria".

"We will be discussing the possibility of further sanctions certainly on some of the Syrian military figures and indeed on some of the Russian military figures who have been involved in co-ordinating the Syrian military efforts and are thereby contaminated by the appalling behaviour of the Assad regime", Mr Johnson told reporters. It said the woman killed had fled to the town from her hometown of Latameh in central Syria.

Monitors from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights earlier said Syrian warplanes were able to take off from the base Friday and struck rebel targets in eastern parts of the province.

  • Leroy Wright